Friday, April 1, 2011

Saying "Yes" (Part 2)

Grab a cup of coffee because it's a long one, then again, aren't they all...

Home Sweet Home

So after the long financing process and a promise to be in before Christmas, I finally got notification that I was going to close on our house December 23, 2010 (cuttin' it pretttty close).  I, on one hand, was extremely excited that I was going to be in MY OWN house for Christmas; but then on other hand, closing on Christmas Eve Eve also meant that I would not be able to go to Pennsylvania with my parents, sister, aunts, uncles & cousins to celebrate Christmas- it was bittersweet to say the least. 

This was the weather the day we were supposed to move.... didn't happen, obviously.
 After a full day in Kingsport, saying good-bye to my family, grabbing lunch with a friend in town for the holidays, and getting carpal tunnel from signing my life away closing on our house, I called Ed to celebrate and see if he had been able to find a Christmas tree for us (since we were going to be in our house for Christmas).  Sadly, Ed informed me that he & Nat, his twin brother, had driven ALL over town in search of a REAL tree and apologized profusely for not finding one- it was two days before Christmas & all... but he did say since we couldn't stay home to decorate our tree & celebrate closing he wanted us to go out for a dinner date with Nat & his girlfriend.

When I got home I noticed a little glitter of Christmas lights through the window and got butterflies because I love a good surprise- Ed the little trickster! I barge through the door & am so excited because, if you know me, you know my obsession with the holiday and the immense joy I took picking out all of our new decorations for our new home! I squeal as I see Ed "Yayyyy!! you tricked me! how sweet!!" he quickly points out, "Becca, I'm so sorry, but take a closer look, I couldn't find a real tree, so I had to go to the office and steal theirs!" (Side note: office tree= ancient, artificial, 1/2 the lights don't work, there is more dust in the branches than in my parents basement, which is really quite a feat in itself, fake holly berries & pine cones, and just not my cup-of-tea) So when he suggested that we still decorate it, I'm sure my look of appal was very apparent- Ed's a kitchen snob, I'm a Christmas tree snob, so kill me- again he suggested "you LOVE your new decorations, you set them all out in the floor and stare at them, common, it will be fun!" I suggested a glass of wine while I get ready for dinner (in my defense, it had been a long day, I'm really not an uber-b*tch)

Ed with the ring when he & Nat hijacked the tree from the office.
So Ed pours a glass of wine for me an in the process, knocks over another glass sitting on the counter.  If you know Ed, you also know that he is one of the most clumsy people you will ever meet, and I should be used to this by now, but I sigh and grab Bea so she doesn't cut her paws on the glass shards all over the floor.  Ed picks up most of it and then asks if I would get a wet paper towel to get the little pieces he has missed under the cabinets while he goes to get the broom.  As I bend down I see a ring lying in the floor under one of the cabinets and say (I swear I'm not an idiot) "OH MY GOSH, ED! LOOK AT WHAT THE OLD OWNERS LEFT!! I WONDER IF IT'S REAL!" as I look up to show him, he is on his knee.  Again I swear I'm not an idiot, I didn't think anything of it, I thought he was bending down to help me pick up the broken glass...

the ring, after the proposal
Ed: No, Becca that's for you....
Me: what?
Ed: I love you, will you marry me??
Me: are you serious?! are you SERIOUS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?? (I really thought I might have been on a candid camera show and it was a joke- although I know Ed is not that mean)
Ed: [laughing and looking at me like 'are YOU serious, you nut case say yes' ] If I show you the box will you believe me??
Me: OF COURSE! YES! (after he showed me the box so I knew he wasn't pullin' my leg- gosh, I suck)

So there is the story, all 824 words of it, and I couldn't be happier! I love that his original plan of hiding the ring in the tree when we were decorating didn't work because the way it actually happened is so much sweeter in my opinion (although I'm obviously biased).

The first picture of us as an engaged couple!
Sadly we have no pictures from the actual night because my camera was M.I.A.