Monday, September 27, 2010

The Flea.

I should add fleas to my phobia list- right up there with possums, snakes, and psycho axe murders.

This afternoon I got home from work & was snuggled with Bea on the couch when I saw what I thought was a piece of dirt or a leaf on her fur...WRONG! I saw it's disgusting little legs start to squirm when i picked it up and knew immediately it was a flea. sick. gag. vomit. cue  instant itching all over my body. and major minor freak out.  I tried to search her wiggling body all over but her fur was too thick so I pinned the little biotch sweet baby down and went to town hacking at her hair.  Luckily Ed & I have started skimping on the cost of getting her groomed so we already had, Blair, his brother in-laws clippers at our apartment. On a side note, I always like to remind Blair when we give them back that I trim Bea's butt hair with his beard trimmer :) After the hacking concluded and she no longer had any hair on her rear (whoops forgot about putting the guard on the clippers) it was bath time- I figured I would have a better chance finding the little buggers if I could see her skin.


Bathing our little monster (especially single handedly- Ed is in the library studying for a midterm) deserves a medal.  To say she despises it in an understatement- she would probably rather eat her own feces than get a bath...oh wait... anyways... after her bath she was totally unhappy with me and did not like the thorough inspection I did of her body; however, I did not find any more fleas on her... but that doesn't mean they aren't lurking in my carpets, bedding, or ON ME!! You better believe I went to town with the flea carpet spray, washed our bedding on hot hot, scrubbed my body until my skin was raw and still can't stop itching! My mom told me I was a lunatic for freaking out over one flea, but you've seen that commercial, where there is one there are thousands! s.i.c.k.

On a positive note, thank goodness Beazy has now forgiven me and is helping me keep an eye out for the UPS man bringing me my Lilly!

*Note this all could've been avoided if she was ready for her next dose of Advantage, but it weirds me out to prematurely put more chemicals on my sweet Bea's skin, so in my mind Oct. 10 can't come soon enough!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Rhythm & Roots 2010

Well, once again I had a busy weekend & am now suffering through the day with my eyes 1/2 opened.  As much as I LOVE being busy & having plans, right around this time I crash and desperately need one of these...

 Maybe with a little Carmel on top!

This weekend my first college friend, Eliza, came to visit!  We met the first night after freshman move-in when my, oh-so-cute, orientation leader mentioned that everyone was going to a Mexican restaurant called Amigos (and of course I wasn't going to say no to the invitation of a sophomore boy).  So I pile in the car with a girl that lived down the hall from me and off we go... well, we get there and I soon realize, "woah... I don't know ANYONE here and EVERYONE here knows each other!" I'm sure I looked like a lost soul wondering around the restaurant, slightly sweaty from moving in the summer Chattanooga heat, and VERY obviously a freshman when I hear, "Hey! Are you from Kingsport?? [I was wearing a high school t-shirt] Do you know Kelli R.??" After chatting that night we kept running into each other at different freshman week of welcome events and soon became inseperable! We had a group of 5 girls and 4 guys that hung out all the time first semester freshman year (I really wish I had a picture of the night we had a mud fight)...

B: Josh, Jack, ?, and Tyler
F: Eliza, Emily, Kelly, Jenny, me and Chase

As time went on we all went our separate ways, and some of us kept in touch better than others! Liza & I continued our friendship and now, 5 years later she is still one of my best friends! 

Sophomore year we lived next to each other (and I went through a chubby phase)

Junior year celebrating my 21st together!

After senior year Jenny, me, and Liza at the lake last summer

Anyways, back from the time-warp... like I said, this weekend she made the long trek to Bristol to visit Ed & I and attend R&R! We had a blast catching up, people watching, spending far too much money on jewelry (haha) and stuffing our faces with food & maybe a little wine ;) 

Pre-Sweaty concert! 

Post sweaty concert (plus new jewels)
Eshwin & I watching Cadillac Sky
Cadillac Sky= AMAZING!
 After a day full of R&R fun we skipped out on going back Sunday afternoon & opted to go spend a little time on the lake... 

EWP, Bea, and I (me stuffing my face with Kettle Korn from the night before)
Beautiful South Holston Lake!

Now that you're bored to tears after reading this post go look up Cadillac Sky & see if they are playing anywhere close to you... I promise you will not be disappointed!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 4-Letter Word That Gets Me

S-A-L-E.  Seriously, gets me every time.  I can't help myself... I get the e-mail notification that there is an additional 30% off sale items at J. Crew, 40% off and free shipping at Ann Taylor, buy one get one free at Banana Republic and 40%-60% off Lilly?!? What's a girl to do.  I mean, if you don't get it when it's on sale you're practically loosing money...right? Anyways, due to the massive summer sales that have hopefully come to a close- at least for awhile- I'm trying to put my shopping on hold & maybe save a little. Try being the key word :/ 

Here are a few pretties that have recently joined my closet...

Cute with leggings & a scarf for lounging (my goal this fall is to look a little less "lounge-y" when I'm not at work- a.k.a. less sweats, t-shirts & greasy ponytails wow did I just say that out loud?)

A sweatshirt dress?? GENIUS. *See above justification of purchase ^^

The 'Denim Mini Pant' a.k.a. an almost-jegging- I'm not sure I'm quite ready to commit to the jegging craze- these work just as well as a 'jean legging' and also do not make me feel like my thighs are sausage meat trying to be shoved in the encasing. sick. BTW,  my legs are short, so you can't see the zippers- that I'm not a fan of- when I have on boots!
All above from J. Crew

I may have also recently snagged the Lilly Pulitzer Sabine Shirtdress off eBay...I've been looking for it since last year! Can't wait for it to come in!! :D

Perfect for work & fun! 

...And now I'm done... after I find something to wear to our Junior League Art Auction.

On a completely different note, I am SO glad it's finally cooling down here in the south & starting to feel like fall! The closer we get to fall, the closer we are to CHRISTMAS and I've already broken out a few Christmas-ish CD's I can't wait until everyone is in the Christmas spirit or whatever.  My close friends know my obsession (gives my shopping obsession a run for it's money) with Christmas music, but I'll save the gory details for a separate post.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day [Weekend] State of Mind

Ugh. It's hard to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend- ESPECIALLY after an extra long (Fri.-Mon.) amazing weekend when friends come to visit! But, thank goodness for another short week- and since I'm a lacking blogger- it's already Thursday and another weekend is almost ready for me to tackle! Ed and I are probably going to take it pretty easy, watch a little football & relax since last weekend was jam-packed & NEXT weekend is Rhythm & Roots Reunion here in B-Town! I can't WAIT! Not only will it be a fun atmosphere, great music, and something different to do, BUT two of my best friends are coming to visit! yay!

Anyways, I will leave you with a few pictures of last weekend and I will reminisce about being out on the lake rather than freezing in my office (I've literally had my space heater going all summer- this A.C. kills me!).

 Jenna, my sorority little sis, college room-mate, and great friend came to visit!

We concert-ed...

laked it... 

Got really dirty...
Enjoyed the first fire of the season...

And just generally had a GREAT time! (minus two flat tires...)

And last but not least, broke out the white jeans for one last time... :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Beginning

Well, I've been blog-stalking for a few months now and have finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and start my own! My biggest concern with starting a blog has been lack of content, I'm a 23 year old girl, living & working in northeast TN and my day-to-day life is fairly ordinary. However, my boyfriend is back in school and I need a new hobby to occupy my time when he's studying (other than online shopping) so, here it goes!

Sweet Bea: The Story of Girl & Dog.

The nice thing about starting a blog is you get to talk about yourself for awhile, and let's be honest, who doesn't like to do that... however, it's slightly awkward considering I can't imagine people actually reading this. Anyways, I'm Becca, Bea is my dog (also known as B.B-we have the same initials-coincidence?- Beazer, Queen Bea, Beatrice Louise, BeazyLouisy, and nugget),  Ed is my boyfriend (affectionately, EWP, Edwina/o, Eshwin, PookiePoohBear- kidding- and I learned this weekend his sisters used to put a red wig on him and call him Sally), and I have an obsession with online shopping. More like an addiction, I can't stop. I work for Ed's dad (definitely has it's perks) at an insurance agency where I am the marketing director (highly unlikely I will talk about this aspect of my life). I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in May 2009 with a BA in Business Administration & Marketing, and although I'm VERY glad to be done with school, I definitely miss all my friends who, for the most part, are still in Chattanooga.  Like I said, I love to shop, do crafts, I'm learning to cook & have aspirations to learn to sew as well. I was in a sorority in college & have recently joined the Junior League in hopes of reliving the days of yore.  I finish most days with a glass of wine, snuggling with Bea, chatting with Ed, and watching re-runs of Will & Grace reading :)

Anyways, hope you enjoy!