Monday, September 20, 2010

Rhythm & Roots 2010

Well, once again I had a busy weekend & am now suffering through the day with my eyes 1/2 opened.  As much as I LOVE being busy & having plans, right around this time I crash and desperately need one of these...

 Maybe with a little Carmel on top!

This weekend my first college friend, Eliza, came to visit!  We met the first night after freshman move-in when my, oh-so-cute, orientation leader mentioned that everyone was going to a Mexican restaurant called Amigos (and of course I wasn't going to say no to the invitation of a sophomore boy).  So I pile in the car with a girl that lived down the hall from me and off we go... well, we get there and I soon realize, "woah... I don't know ANYONE here and EVERYONE here knows each other!" I'm sure I looked like a lost soul wondering around the restaurant, slightly sweaty from moving in the summer Chattanooga heat, and VERY obviously a freshman when I hear, "Hey! Are you from Kingsport?? [I was wearing a high school t-shirt] Do you know Kelli R.??" After chatting that night we kept running into each other at different freshman week of welcome events and soon became inseperable! We had a group of 5 girls and 4 guys that hung out all the time first semester freshman year (I really wish I had a picture of the night we had a mud fight)...

B: Josh, Jack, ?, and Tyler
F: Eliza, Emily, Kelly, Jenny, me and Chase

As time went on we all went our separate ways, and some of us kept in touch better than others! Liza & I continued our friendship and now, 5 years later she is still one of my best friends! 

Sophomore year we lived next to each other (and I went through a chubby phase)

Junior year celebrating my 21st together!

After senior year Jenny, me, and Liza at the lake last summer

Anyways, back from the time-warp... like I said, this weekend she made the long trek to Bristol to visit Ed & I and attend R&R! We had a blast catching up, people watching, spending far too much money on jewelry (haha) and stuffing our faces with food & maybe a little wine ;) 

Pre-Sweaty concert! 

Post sweaty concert (plus new jewels)
Eshwin & I watching Cadillac Sky
Cadillac Sky= AMAZING!
 After a day full of R&R fun we skipped out on going back Sunday afternoon & opted to go spend a little time on the lake... 

EWP, Bea, and I (me stuffing my face with Kettle Korn from the night before)
Beautiful South Holston Lake!

Now that you're bored to tears after reading this post go look up Cadillac Sky & see if they are playing anywhere close to you... I promise you will not be disappointed!

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