Monday, September 27, 2010

The Flea.

I should add fleas to my phobia list- right up there with possums, snakes, and psycho axe murders.

This afternoon I got home from work & was snuggled with Bea on the couch when I saw what I thought was a piece of dirt or a leaf on her fur...WRONG! I saw it's disgusting little legs start to squirm when i picked it up and knew immediately it was a flea. sick. gag. vomit. cue  instant itching all over my body. and major minor freak out.  I tried to search her wiggling body all over but her fur was too thick so I pinned the little biotch sweet baby down and went to town hacking at her hair.  Luckily Ed & I have started skimping on the cost of getting her groomed so we already had, Blair, his brother in-laws clippers at our apartment. On a side note, I always like to remind Blair when we give them back that I trim Bea's butt hair with his beard trimmer :) After the hacking concluded and she no longer had any hair on her rear (whoops forgot about putting the guard on the clippers) it was bath time- I figured I would have a better chance finding the little buggers if I could see her skin.


Bathing our little monster (especially single handedly- Ed is in the library studying for a midterm) deserves a medal.  To say she despises it in an understatement- she would probably rather eat her own feces than get a bath...oh wait... anyways... after her bath she was totally unhappy with me and did not like the thorough inspection I did of her body; however, I did not find any more fleas on her... but that doesn't mean they aren't lurking in my carpets, bedding, or ON ME!! You better believe I went to town with the flea carpet spray, washed our bedding on hot hot, scrubbed my body until my skin was raw and still can't stop itching! My mom told me I was a lunatic for freaking out over one flea, but you've seen that commercial, where there is one there are thousands! s.i.c.k.

On a positive note, thank goodness Beazy has now forgiven me and is helping me keep an eye out for the UPS man bringing me my Lilly!

*Note this all could've been avoided if she was ready for her next dose of Advantage, but it weirds me out to prematurely put more chemicals on my sweet Bea's skin, so in my mind Oct. 10 can't come soon enough!

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  1. SICK. I would have done the same thing...I would have been cleaning everything...!!