Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 4-Letter Word That Gets Me

S-A-L-E.  Seriously, gets me every time.  I can't help myself... I get the e-mail notification that there is an additional 30% off sale items at J. Crew, 40% off and free shipping at Ann Taylor, buy one get one free at Banana Republic and 40%-60% off Lilly?!? What's a girl to do.  I mean, if you don't get it when it's on sale you're practically loosing money...right? Anyways, due to the massive summer sales that have hopefully come to a close- at least for awhile- I'm trying to put my shopping on hold & maybe save a little. Try being the key word :/ 

Here are a few pretties that have recently joined my closet...

Cute with leggings & a scarf for lounging (my goal this fall is to look a little less "lounge-y" when I'm not at work- a.k.a. less sweats, t-shirts & greasy ponytails wow did I just say that out loud?)

A sweatshirt dress?? GENIUS. *See above justification of purchase ^^

The 'Denim Mini Pant' a.k.a. an almost-jegging- I'm not sure I'm quite ready to commit to the jegging craze- these work just as well as a 'jean legging' and also do not make me feel like my thighs are sausage meat trying to be shoved in the encasing. sick. BTW,  my legs are short, so you can't see the zippers- that I'm not a fan of- when I have on boots!
All above from J. Crew

I may have also recently snagged the Lilly Pulitzer Sabine Shirtdress off eBay...I've been looking for it since last year! Can't wait for it to come in!! :D

Perfect for work & fun! 

...And now I'm done... after I find something to wear to our Junior League Art Auction.

On a completely different note, I am SO glad it's finally cooling down here in the south & starting to feel like fall! The closer we get to fall, the closer we are to CHRISTMAS and I've already broken out a few Christmas-ish CD's I can't wait until everyone is in the Christmas spirit or whatever.  My close friends know my obsession (gives my shopping obsession a run for it's money) with Christmas music, but I'll save the gory details for a separate post.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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